Awake O Sleeper is a Canadian roots rock band from Chilliwack, British Columbia. Long-time friends Brad Fry (Vocals), Andrew Clarke (Guitars), Drew Pilling (Guitars), Dan Kragh (Bass) and Jordan Kragh (Drums) formed the band in early 2012 and shortly thereafter released their debut album. The self-titled record was well received and garnered the band a myriad of positive responses, as well as a rapidly growing fan-base. Their sound has since continued to evolve, incorporating groovy, guitar-driven rhythms; captivating vocal harmonies; and honest, striking lyrics. With a new approach to Country and Blues influenced Rock ’n’ Roll, coupled with a high energy, hard hitting live show, Awake O Sleeper has filled their own irreplaceable niche. Catapulted amongst the ranks of a new generation of musicians, the band’s originality, along with their moving and memorable sound make them formidable up and coming artists with a promising, long-standing presence in today's music industry. 

On June 6th, 2015, Awake O Sleeper released their latest record, ‘A River Wild’; A more focused and defined, 6 song EP. Staying true to their unique amalgam of Blues, Alternative Country, and Southern Garage Rock; these new songs are an authentic development of their collective sonic artistry. 

Awake O Sleeper has spent the time following the release of ‘A River Wild’ performing across The United States at a number of notable festivals. The band has been steadily gaining momentum, and they have been firmly establishing a strong following in both Canada, and The U.S.